• Rabindra Purashkar Awarded to our Principal Scientist
    The principal scientist of the organisation was awarded the prestigious Rabindra Puraskar by Pashimbanga Bangla Akademy (Govt. of West Bengal) for his original thoughts on the scientific thinking of Tagore as consolidated in his book “Krishna Kana – ami tarei boli” (কৃষ্ণকনা আমি তারেই বলি). keyboard_arrow_right
  • Seminar on Science behind Meditation
    Many people believe relaxation is the primary goal of meditation. In fact, calming the mind is an essential facet of the meditative path. Equally essential, though, is the cultivation of insight. Mindful practice is designed to promote insight. In fact, it’s also known as insight meditation. With mindfulness, we do not look to achieve any […] keyboard_arrow_right