• Speech and Music – Nonlinear Acoustical Decoding in Neurocognitive Scenario
    Scaling behaviour of frequency-wise amplitude variation of speech and music signal, over time, has been analysed using non-stationary, complex-network based method and found that it varies a lot from frequency to frequency for music whereas it’s almost consistent for speech signal. In this experiment drone signal is taken as the basic music signal and it […] keyboard_arrow_right
  • Speech Emotion Quantification with Chaos-based Modified Visibility Graph – Possible Precursor of Suicidal Tendency
    A modified version of the non-linear analysis technique formulated indigenously for the analysis of speech signals is introduced here as a method. Using this method, it has been shown that the parameter calculated using this method can distinctively classify speech signals spoken out of two elementary emotions namely ‘anger’ and ‘sadness’. This parameter is also […] keyboard_arrow_right
  • Speech Music and multifractality
    The musical structures for different ragas have their inherent complexities which can be determined with fractal techniques and thereby opens up the possibility for classification of different ragas. This in turn can help to understand the emotion that the raga elicits in general. Audio signal categorization is one of the rudimentary steps in applications like […] keyboard_arrow_right
  • Study of Multiplicity Dependence of Pion Fluctuations in πAgBr Collisions at 350 GeV Using Complex Network Approach
    Dynamics of multiparticle production with respect to its multiplicity dependence and finding out detailed and quantitative parameters to represent the dynamics, is still an open area of research. We propose to apply complex-network and chaos-based method, based on Visibility Graph algorithm, for analyzing multiparticle production process which is a nonlinear phenomenon. As an exemplar application […] keyboard_arrow_right
  • Study of Void Probability Scaling of Singly Charged Particles Produced in Ultrarelativistic Nuclear Collision in Fractal Scenario
    The fractality of void probability distribution, measured in 32S-Ag/Br interaction at an incident energy of 200 GeV per nucleon is calculated. A strong scaling character of void probability distribution in all pseudorapidity regions is revealed. The scaling exponent, called the Power of the Scale-Freeness in Visibility Graph (PSVG), a quantitative parameter related to Hurst exponent, is […] keyboard_arrow_right
  • Symmetry-Scaling Based Complex Network Approach to Explore Exotic Hadronic States in High-Energy Collision
    Conventionally invariant mass or transverse momentum techniques have been used to probe for any formation of some exotic or unusual resonance states in high energy collision. In this work, we have applied symmetry scaling based complex network approach to study exotic resonance/hadronic states utilizing the clustering coefficients and associated scaling parameter extracted with the complex […] keyboard_arrow_right
  • Visibility graph analysis of heart rate time series and bio-marker of congestive heart failure
    Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a chronic progressive condition impacting the ability of the heart muscles to pump blood properly. With the growing complexities in lifestyle and unhealthy food habits, susceptibility to this disease is increasing across the population and this is one of the major cardiovascular disorders1. While hypertension and coronary artery diseases remain […] keyboard_arrow_right