• Pion Fluctuation Study in Pb-Pb Collision at 2.76TeV per nucleon pair from ALICE Experiment with Chaos and Complex Network-based Methods
    Chaos and complex-network based study is performed to look for signature of phase transition in Pb-Pb collision data sample at 2.76 TeV per nucleon pair from ALICE Collaboration. The analysis is done on the pseudorapidity values extracted from the data of and the methods used are Multifractal-Detrended-Fluctuation-Analysis(MF-DFA), and a rigorous chaos-based, complex-network based method – […] keyboard_arrow_right
  • Symmetry-Scaling Based Complex Network Approach to Explore Exotic Hadronic States in High-Energy Collision
    Conventionally invariant mass or transverse momentum techniques have been used to probe for any formation of some exotic or unusual resonance states in high energy collision. In this work, we have applied symmetry scaling based complex network approach to study exotic resonance/hadronic states utilizing the clustering coefficients and associated scaling parameter extracted with the complex […] keyboard_arrow_right