Dynamics of multiparticle production with respect to its multiplicity dependence and finding out detailed and quantitative parameters to represent the dynamics, is still an open area of research. We propose to apply complex-network and chaos-based method, based on Visibility Graph algorithm, for analyzing multiparticle production process which is a nonlinear phenomenon. As an exemplar application of the present investigation, the πAgBr(350 GeV) interaction data is analysed precisely with respect to its multiplicity dependence(ns). All the topological parameters are extracted from the Visibility Graphs constructed for each ns-range-dataset. The fractal behavior of pionisation process is studied by utilizing this algorithm’s scale-freeness detection mechanism to extract the Power-of-Scale-freeness-of-Visibility-Graph(PSVG). The selection of Visibility Graph as the type of complex-network for our analysis is justified as this algorithm gives the most precise result with finite number of data points and this experiment has finite number of events. The topological parameters show consistent trend across all ns-ranges and PGVG shows that the fractality is least for lowest multiplicity-bin and highest for the highest multiplicity-bin. The trends of all the parameters and their conventional complex-network-based significance may be correlated with fundamental concepts in particle production phenomenology, relevant for multiparticle production process and its multiplicity dependence.

Authors: Susmita Bhaduri. Anirban Bhaduri, Dipak Ghosh
Pramana (Probable Impact Factor: 0.5)
Status :Published
Area : Particle Physics